Meeting Modern Demands

We harness ever expanding new technologies by adapting an integrated electrical systems model. We believe the emerging generation are technically savvy and require modern options. Hence we offer combined DIY solutions and services.

~ We do not offer services for electrical trade (switchboards, lighting- inc. LED, security, fire alarms, airconditioning, landscape lighting etc.) with new clients due to existing tenders
                                                                                       However, we offer a two tier service in electrical networking (data, PBX) and electrical monitoring and inspection for new clients

Pricing options


  • Don't wait until an electrical fault

  • We ensure all systems are protected from electrical damage, corrupt data and crossed voice transmissions

  • We ensure all electrical & networking systems are operating at optimal

  • We take the time to research your premise' electrical networking needs

  • We empower business owners to take charge of their networking needs

  • We guide electrical expectations on expanding a business in current and potential power capacities.

    Cut costs by bundling electrical and data services into one !

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