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Engineering Seamless Communication Systems

We believe in open source platforms alongside quality telco connections underscored by the most efficient and powerful electrical systems.

Solid networks require foolproof systems

Bad cabling, inconvenient power sockets, inadequate ventilation, exposed extension cords, overused wattage, no backup generator and numerous other factors disrupt seamless communication. Too often there is a disjunct between electrical trade, engineering and IT services. We focus on the whole electrical architecture including IT services to ensure your system functions optimally- as well as install and monitor industry standard telephony systems. We have installed PBX and PABX systems for over 25 years in the Sydney CBD region since the 90s and are experienced in repairing and upgrading outdated circuitry and networks to now broadband, wireless and "soft-based" installation systems. However, new technology doesn't equate to quality connections. Hence, we ensure the best of old school systems enhanced to facilitate and sustain the demands of the modern world. We are not resellers. We offer you the option of managing your own networking needs with a 24/7 technical support and call out option, or we can manage your networking needs through our dedicated servers. We charge only for installation and maintenance services (not for calls or by number of extensions or heads/seats) and have a transparent billing system upon your choice of telco company or SIP trunking service. There is no lock in contract and we provide equipment direct from the manufacturers.


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